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About Ana Kotar & Atl. Risa Pisa

Ana Kotar Atelier Risa Pisa.JPG

Ana Kotar creates minimalistic, and contrasting works of art inspired by the beauty of line.

Direct and accessible, her drawings offer a window into the artist’s soul. Her drawn line echoes the fast movement of her hand and seems by extension to trace the meanderings of the artist’s thoughts and memories. Like a ghost of a passing memory, the expressive line appears urgent, essential, gestural and private. In her drawings, the artist recalls places and moments from the past through her uncontrolled and sometimes repetitive lines that depict landscapes, feelings and people.

Ana´s artistic voice is expressed mainly through ink drawings and bold statement artworks, but also in a form of concrete poetry. She is a multi-passionate creative whose mission is to be free in her creative expression within the frame of sustainability. She uses materials that are recycled or recyclable and refrains from using anything that is harmful to the environment.


She graduated from the University of Ljubljana with a degree in Contemporary drawing. Her research of contemporary drawing techniques led her to Berlin, where she put down her roots and created a family.

For works available for consignment and exhibition, click here.

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