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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Creating a gallery wall is a simple way to bring style and personality to any room. All you need is a hammer, some nails, and a collection of your favorite art. Follow my steps below to achieve your picture-perfect gallery wall, no matter the size of your space.


Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting, this is the step that will take the most time and care. Arranging a collection can be intimidating when confronted by a blank wall, so collect, collect, collect. Whether you prefer a loud and colorful print, photography, or minimalist nordic design, there’s no right or wrong - only what's unique to you. When buying a new piece, try to envision it next to the other pieces that you have & sticking to a color palette can also help. To keep your gallery wall feeling interesting you’re going to want to have a good mix of vertical and horizontal pieces. To me, the most inspiring gallery walls are those that mix a variety of artworks with a range of media, from photographs to drawings, mixed in with personal memorabilia like children’s artwork or souvenirs, but that is totally up to you.


Choosing the right frame is crucial. As you can see in the Atl. Risa Pisa Shop and image can look very different framed in white or in black. Neutral and complimentary frames will always look brilliant and let your print speak for itself, however, if you are a fan of color, clashing and contrasting frames in bright colors or bold patterns can greatly enhance elements of the artwork and bring your space to life. Take your time here, because frames have the power to bring together a whole collection, even when it is very eclectic. If you are unsure, just go for something neutral that matches the style of your furniture, on the other hand, if you are a bit more artistically inclined, think about adding a Passepartout or a tiny object into the frame for a more personal touch.


Gallery walls tend to fall into two categories: a grid/ linear arrangement and a salon, which is an eclectic grouping of images and objects. Think about the feeling you want to create in the room. When you have multiple pieces that are all framed in the same size, just make sure you arrange them in a balanced way. If you have three pieces, place the strongest piece in the middle, when you have a set of 4, 6, etc. place the two strongest pieces diagonally. This way the gallery will instantly look balanced and cohesive.

A selection of different art and frame styles can also hang together in harmony, but take time to curate the right configuration before you start hammering nails in the walls. I suggest you choose one or two big frames as the centerpiece and add smaller frames all around. Once you have chosen and framed your artworks, place the centerpiece, on the floor and play around with them until you find a layout you enjoy. If you have multiple pieces remember to take a picture of the layout before you start moving them to the wall.

Oh, and one last trick from art school, if you are unsure of the balance you can flip the picture you just took or look at the arrangement through a mirror. This way and imbalance will instantly become apparent.


When you’re ready to hang your pieces, make sure your arrangement fits the wall and that you have a spirit level and a measurement device. Frames look best when they are aligned well and there is a bit of room "to breathe" in between. It is best to get some helping hands or some painters tape to create a grid template on the wall. Use a pencil to avoid any mistakes and remember to always measure where the hanger sits in the frame and have fun with it. Putting up a gallery wall can feel daunting, but once it’s up it’s incredibly satisfying.

.. and remember, our overall decorating style and taste in artwork may change over time, but gallery walls are extremely easy to update as needed—especially if you do your own framing. Simply switch out a piece that no longer satisfies you and replace it with a new one. I do that a couple of times a year, I swear :).

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