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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

By handwriting notes, we are getting in touch with ourselves and with each other and for this reason, the lost art of the handwritten note deserves a reprise.

I had plenty of penpals when I was young, most importantly my older sister who lived with my dad. We wrote each other letters and greeting cards and I remember how beautiful her handwriting was, how I admired her and how her letters inspired me. Today, much of that back-and-forth has been taken over by phone calls, text messages, e-mail exchanges, and video calls. Looking back now, I realised that a handwritten message opens up a different, creative and way to stay in touch.

A handwritten card is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the elder & young relatives, to thank people for kindness, add your own words to gifts, and comment on a big life-changing event. A note gives you the opportunity to stay connected with people you care about in ways you might not have thought about. A handwritten message offers you the chance to get your phrasing right, to write the exact words you want to convey and to catch people at their convenience. You can present your message without all the ums, ers, and extra small-talk that blurs and dilutes it.

I have personally come up with many excuses why not to write a card and I am sure you have too. Take a minute to tell yourself, honestly and in complete sentences, what keeps you from writing. You will probably say something like: “ I don´t have time, I don´t know what to write, my handwriting is terrible, nobody writes notes anymore,..” or something along the way… but really those are all pretty lame excuses and you know it :). Stop and think about what a handwritten note might add to your already perfectly wrapped gift. Your own handwriting makes your personality come through, the paper and the envelope you chose might have a wonderful colour or texture, was it handmade or does it have a special illustration or text… anything like that will give the person a clear signal that this is not a standard routine.

The motion of putting pen on paper provides clarity and peace and I know one thing for sure, a greeting card always adds a touch of class and a note that comes from the heart is the perfect gift for someone who has everything.

Are you interested in getting a unique greeting card created by an artist? Follow the link below to find sustainable greeting cards that were inspired by concrete poetry and typewriter art that will deepen the meaning of any gift they accompany.

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